About Me

Name: Pam

Location: Canada

Started: Jan 2019

Languages: ENG (Native) JPN (N5) KOR (???)


I’m back to publishing my Korean journey, showing how I study Korean and what I have learned/found along the way; to hopefully help out other students and connect with all of you all! I started studying Korean in 2019, before I was a fan of K-pop, Korean dramas, variety shows, and everything in-between from 2009 so while I started with some knowledge I gained through the years I decided then to officially start studying. 

Before, my language learning experience was pretty limited; grew up monolingual and being raised in Canada French classes were a required course so I took that for a while and then in high school I started studying Japanese through classes offered at my school. 

Jump to 2019 and I was struggling a bit within my personal life and being stagnant in my life is something I always wanted to avoid, so to gain some control I decided to suddenly pick up studying Korean much more seriously then the passive learning I was doing before.

Shortly after I started studying I made a studyblr (study tumblr) with a focus on Korean to help myself keep focused, connect with more people, and help learn new things. I enjoyed it so much, throughout my time there I gained thousands followers and regularly had people asking for my advice and help with their own questions about Korean. But sadly I fell off out of posting when my life got too busy and hectic. I would love to build that up again and create a community here for people to learn and connect and keep all of us accountable towards our goals! 



*Roughly based on guides I’ve seen to try to measure progress within a language, which focuses on size of vocabulary 

Emails are 10000% only when I post (once weekly) and a snippit of the post. NO SPAM! I also dont like email spam