Why do Koreans use 우리 to mean my?

Why do Koreans use 우리 to mean my?

Koreans like using 우리 to show a sense of community, but not always between them and the speaker. In English when you say ‘I went to our house’ it typically means 1 of 2 things; you and the listener live together or the person you live with is with you. Korean includes another option where nobody living with you is there; nobody even needs to live with you!

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Overview of Korean Formalities

One thing about Korean many people struggle with is the dynamics between people and speech. For native English speakers; especially if English if your only language, formalities is something that doesn’t exist to a quarter of the extent as in Korean. Korean is a culture based highly around respect and knowing or understanding you position and others.

Korean Family Tree Terms koreanling

Korean Family Tree Terms

Now Koreans don’t solely use these terms for people related to them, they are used freely! People call the woman running the restaurant 이모, boys call their older friends 형, etc. This terms are used to show how close and familiar you are with others (and for the ‘aunt’ at your favourite K-BBQ to warm up to her and maybe get extra side dishes haha).