Planets and Outer Space in Korean with Hanja

Planets and Outer Space in Korean with Hanja

If you’ve been learning about terms for outer space in Korean you might have noticed 성 pop up multiple times, 성 has Sino-Korean origins and uses the hanja 星 which means a star or planet. You’ll especially see it for planets in our solar system which all, excluding earth, end with 성 and have their own meaning for their names!

Korean Idioms & Expressions

Korean Idioms & Expressions

Knowing some common or interesting Korean idioms is a fun way to take your Korean to the next level! Idioms or 관용구 are phrases that people use to express something more than their literal meaning. You’ll hear and see them everywhere; from TV and movies, music, books, and daily conversation. 

Halloween in Korea-

Halloween in Korea

In the west and many English countries Halloween is a fun holiday (though not usually recognized with time off from school or work) for kids and adults to eat candy, dress up, watch spooky movies and more. So in the spirit of Halloween this post is dedicated to Halloween in Korea, Koreas own spooks, and some vocab to go along with the season!

Korean Typing Practice Game

Korean Typing Practice Game!

At least for me typing was something I was really weak at in Korean and took a lot of time to develop. From memorizing spelling, the correct order for typing out double vowel words such as 원, being slow, and just mistyping by not knowing the keyboard layout yet. So I have a favourite resource for Korean typing practice that I really like that I wanted to share with you all!