Expanding on past my Batchim post here, let’s get into why sometimes ㄱ/ㄷ/ㅂ pronunciation can sound like their more stressed heavier forms ㄲ/ㄸ/ㅃ depending on the word. It might seem not very clear but we can break it down and understand it much better.


ㄱㄷㅂ Pronunciation; Sometimes Sounds Like ㄲㄸㅃ 1

Why Can ㄱ/ㄷ/ㅂ Sometimes Sound Like ㄲ/ㄸ/ㅃ?

Simply put you’ll typically find the ㄱ/ㄷ/ㅂ pronunciation more stressed when they are preceded by or right after another consonant; except ㄴ/ㄹ/ㅁ/ㅇ/ㅎ. If you’ve been practicing speaking for a while you may notice you have picked up on this naturally with some common words.


Let’s get into some quick examples for each character!
I’ll lay out the examples like this;
Korean word : Pronunciation : Translation


1. ㄱ Pronunciation to ㄲ

학교 : 학꾜 : school
입구 : 입꾸 : entrance
축구 : 축꾸 : soccer
닫기 : 닫끼 : closing


2. ㄷ Pronunciation to ㄸ

식당 : 식땅 : restaurant
젖다 : 젇따 : get wet
돋보기 : 돋뽀기 : magnifying glass
입다 : 입따 : to wear
받다 : 받따 : to receive
닫다 : 닫따 : to shut
믿다 : 믿따 : to trust
닫다 : 다따 : to close


3. ㅂ Pronunciation to ㅃ

맛보다 : 맏뽀다 : to taste
한국분 : 항국뿐 : Korean person
국밥 : 국빱 : soup with rice
컵밥 : 컵빱 : rice in a cup (like ramen cup noodles but rice)
꽃병 : 꼳뼝 : vase




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