With the weather warming up now, people are getting out in their gardens and starting planting. Personally, I really like gardens, while I don’t have the space for one at my current place I’d love to have one later and grow all sorts of veggies, fruit, and flowers! Right now I have some succulents and a small planter with green onions I get to use for cooking~

If gardening is also a hobby you like this Korean gardening vocabulary can help you. The best way to practice is to use Korean for something you enjoy of course, like talking about your flowers and plants! So with that, I’ll get into some general gardening terms and vocab, plus some common things people grow.


Korean Gardening Vocabulary

Korean Gardening Vocabulary

정원: garden
: yard
앞뜰: front yard
뒷뜰: backyard
온실: greenhouse

화원: flower garden/bed
화분: flowerpot

식물: plants
: seed
새싹: sprout
뿌리: roots
줄기: trunk, stem
잡초: weed
: flower
꽃봉오리: flower bud
원예 식물: garden plant

물뿌리개: watering can
분무기: sprayer
: water
물주기: watering

: soil
잔디: grass
덩굴: vine
가지치기: pruning

과일: fruit
채소: vegetable
: rice field
수풀: bush

: rain
구름: clouds
태양: sun
햇빛: sunlight


화원을 꾸미다: to start a flower garden
화원을 가꾸다: to cultivate a flower garden
화분에 심다: plant in a pot

퇴비: compost
비료 주기: fertilize
수확: harvest
해충 관리: pest control


Fruits in Korean

Fruits in Korean

Now on to some common fruits and veggies, flowers, and herbs people usually grow to boost your Korean gardening vocabulary a bit more!

딸기: strawberries
사과: apples
블루베리: blueberries
포도: grapes
체리: cherries
복숭아: peaches
라즈베리: raspberries
블랙베리: blackberries
토마토: tomatoes
오이: cucumbers
멜론: melons


Vegetables in Korean

Vegetables in Korean

상추: lettuce
당근들: carrots
: radish
시금치: spinach
고추: chili
비트: beatroot
완두류: peas
양파: onion
케일: kale
감자: potato
대황: rhubarb
마늘: garlic


Herbs in Korean

허브: herb
바질: basil
민트: mint
부추: chives
로즈메리: rosemary
오레가노: oregano
현자의: sage
파슬리: parsely
백리향: thyme
: dill
고수: cilantro


Flowers in Korean Vocab

Flowers in Korean Vocab

들꽃: wildflowers
꽃잎: petal
꽃의 꿀: nectar
꽃가루: pollen

장미: roses
동백꽃: camellia
난초: orchid
튤립: tulip
진달래: azalea
백합: lily
연꽃: lotus
나팔꽃: morning glory
해바라기: sunflower
수선화: daffodil



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