Now we’re in prime winter time! Cozying up by the fire with hot chocolate, going ice skating, making snowmen, and more. Where I am this winter there’s not as much snow as I’m used to so it doesn’t truly feel like winter yet haha. Anyway, here is some nice Korean winter vocab to get you ready for the season!


Korean Winter Vocab skating

겨울: winter
: snow
눈송이: snowflake
눈덩이: snowball

눈싸움: snowball fight (lit. snow fight)
눈사람: snowman
스노보드: snowboarding
폭설: blizzard
폭설 휴일: snow day

아이스 스케이팅: ice skating
썰매타기: sledding
스키: skiing

추운: cold
쌀쌀한: chilly
얼다: freeze
꽁꽁얼다: frozen solid
아늑하다: cozy
영하 기온: below zero temp aka below freezing
한파: cold snap/cold wave

얼음: ice
빙판길: icy road
미끄러운: slippery

따뜻한 옷: warm clothes
스카프: scarf
장갑: glove
스웨터: sweater
코트: coat

벽난로: fireplace
뜨거운 코코아: hot cocoa
핫초코: hot chocolate


Korean Winter Vocab holidays

Korean Holiday Vocab

Korea celebrates Christmas but it’s a bit different in Korea than the west, with it being more focused on romance than family; to learn a bit more check out my last post going more into how Koreans celebrate Christmas. Since the holidays are so heavily associated with winter and vise versa I thought here’s some quick bonus holiday related vocab for the season!


선물: gift/present
포장지: wrapping paper
장난감: toy

사탕: candy
초콜릿: chocolate
케이크: cake
과자: confectionery/sweets
과자집: gingerbread house
사탕 지팡이: candy cane

크리스마스 이브: Christmas eve
크리스마스: Christmas

산타 클로스: Santa Claus
산타 할아버지: Santa Grandfather
굴뚝: chimney
북극: north pole
순록: reindeer
루돌프: Rudolph (the red nosed reindeer)

화환: wreath
겨우살이: mistletoe
천사: angel
요정: elf/fairy
: bell

하누카: Hanukkah
메노라: menorah
드레이들: dreidel
초콜릿 동전: chocolate coins
유대교의 하누카: Festival of lights
양초: candles
촛대: candle holder
콴자: Kwanzaa



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