Okay, I feel like Hangul is something I need to make a post about. Even though I’m past the stage of learning it, it’s necessary for the language (of course) and also for following along on my blog! I know romanization is an option but Korean to English is nowhere near a 1 to 1 translation for pronunciation. With characters like ㅋ being romanized as G or K, or ㄹ being in-between an L and R it can get pretty confusing for people pretty quick. So let’s get into it and learn hangul!

First, there are some characters that look like it’s just repeating one, like ㅂ and ㅃ ⁠— and that is because it is just repeating it! These characters mean a strong version of the original so with ㅂ and ㅃ it just becomes more pronounced, like putting more effort and air to make the ㅃ sound as opposed to ㅂ⁠

ㅂㅃ B and BB
ING or no sound at all but I’ll get into that
ㄱㄲ G and GG
ㄷㄸ D and DD
ㅈㅉ J
ㅅㅆ S and SS

ㅐㅒ AE
ㅔㅖ YAE
and then we get into combinations of vowels;


Playing a Hangul study game can help you memorize the characters and develop your skills!


How Do You Write in Korean?

So how do you write in Korean? like Tetris of course! haha, instead of this
Korean is built out by stacking the characters on top of each other;

Hangul Pronunciation

The Hangul Keyboard

One interesting thing is that the Korean hangul keyword is laid out perfectly that vowels and consonants are separated on either right or left sides. Put Korean on your computer or phone to get started and learn Hangul with some practice! I know for me it was much easier using it on the phone because I had it visually there for me, it takes some time to get used to the key placements on a desktop without keyboard stickers or other such things to help you out until you build that muscle memory.

learn hangul korean keyboard

Test your reading skills with some vocab lists or master Hangul further with some of these quick links to help!

Read Korean in 15 Minutes comic

Next step would be to learn some pronunciation rules such as batchim or get into how to self-study Korean and get on your way to mastering the language!

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