Learning as a kid would has become a more popular option for people I think, and it makes sense. Learn Korean like a child as the natives learned themselves and you can take advantage of simple media like children’s books, shows, movies, and more to progress with your Korean and strengthen your listening and reading skills!

Many children’s media is easily accessible too, with a lot of shows officially uploaded to YouTube for free so you don’t have to hunt down resources or pay for a specific subscription or platform.


Learn Korean like a Child with Korean Children's Shows! 2

Korean Children’s TV Shows

Good for beginner practice because of the easy-to-follow plots, simple dialogue, and story! Now I’ll list out the English and Korean titles so the titles might not match up or translate 1 to 1.


Hello Jadoo – 안녕자두야
The plot focuses on a young girl in Seoul and her antics with friends and family.

The Youtube channel Learn Korean with Jadoo is a good resource, with both Korean and English subtitles (with subtitle options for more languages too!) in short 10min episodes.

Pororo the Little Penguin – 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로
The most popular recent Korean children’s TV show, Pororo has hour-long episodes uploaded to YouTube for free as well; but the official channel doesn’t come with English or Korean subs so keep that in mind.

Dooly the Little Dinosaur – 아기공룡 둘리
A late 80s to 90s Korean kids’ TV show, Dooly is also an official South Korean citizen

Anpanman – 안판만
Popular children’s show about a bread superhero, it’s Japanese but still big in Korea (and dubbed in Korean), also referenced in the iconic BTS song


Korean Children’s YouTube Channels

Similar to many kids in America and Canada, Korean kids these days watch a lot of YouTube; maybe more so than TV shows, so there are many channels dedicated to Korean Kids’ content. Some do easy songs, short stories, and more- you’ll even find Korean versions of some of the children’s songs and stories you might have grown up with!


Pinkfong 핑크퐁
No doubt you probably know “Baby Shark”, which craze was started by the Pinkfong channel originally in Korean and then into English. They have a bunch of Korean songs and short stories on their channel.

JunyTony 주니토니
Channel about animated twin wizards with animal friends, who go on magical and musical adventures, using their spells to save the day.

yearimTV 예림TV
This YouTube channel has many short stories and songs like the others, but also has a focus on traditional Korean stories.


While some videos and songs can be especially childish and less appealing (they are made for young kids of course), there is a lot of content out there to help you learn Korean like a child! Also, keep in mind there are a lot of Korean-dubbed children’s shows. So if you like you can watch SpongeBob, Doraemon, or other favorites in Korean as well.



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