Here’s some vocab that could be useful and fun for a lot of K-pop and even K-drama fans; Kpop Slang! One great way to learn the language is to integrate and use it more on a daily basis; so if you are an active fan of kpop you can use these slang to talk with and understand Korean fans of your favs!

I’ll sort these out with the English equivalent and a little description of what the term means for people new to the slang terms or kpop fan culture in general.


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Let’s Get into the Kpop Slang!

KR – ENG kpop slang equivalent – more info/explanation

직캠 – fancam – video recorded by fans
최애 – bias – shortened form of 최강 애정, your favourite member
차애 – bias wrecker – meaning your second favourite/bias wrecker
완전체 – OT5, OT7, etc. – when all the members of a group are together
칼군무 – dancing in perfect sync
하라메 – a short form of ‘highlight medley’ – a key moment in a song usually the chorus
덕질 – fangirling – doing anything fan related like streaming, going to concerts, making fanfics, fanart, etc.
스밍 – streaming – streaming is when you play a song or music video on repeat to boost the numbers (mostly for new releases, or to reach goals)
숨밍 –  ‘music streaming as breathing’ – streaming 24/7
입스밍 – lying about streaming

Korean Fandom/Kpop Slang

지못미 – shortened form of 지켜주지 못해 미안해 (sorry I couldn’t protect you) used when an idol turns out bad in a picture
어덕행덕 – shortened form of 어차피 덕질할꺼 행복하게 덕질하자 (Let’s be a happy fan) if you are going to be a fan, then be a happy one
성덕 – like ‘senpai noticed me’ – a successful fan who gets to meet their idol up close and have personal interactions (at fan meet, hi touch, through social media, etc)
총공 – short form of ‘all-out attack’, preparing an event with fans for a group or member
(firstname) – god-like xx – means that person is like a god so it would be like 갓태민, 갓지민, 갓지은, etc.


Terms for the fans

– fan
안티 – anti – someone who hates a group and spends time mocking or criticizing them
개인팬 – a solo stan – fan of only one member in a group
악성개인팬 or 악개 – problematic solo stan – solo stan who will spread bad news about the other members
회전문 – ot# stan – when you cant decide your bias and its always changing
사생 – sasaeng – stalker-fans who will invade personal lives of idols
덕후 – stan – korean ver of otaku, used for fan of any kind not just anime, had negative stigma but is getting reclaimed and accepted like weeb
입덕 – getting to like a certain group
휴덕 – taking a break from being a fan
탈덕 – stopped being a fan entirely
늦덕 – late stan – someone whos just a new stan who regrets not noticing or supporting the group earlier
덕밍아웃 – revealing yourself as a fan
덕메 – a person who fanboying/fangirling with friends
일코 – closeted stan – shortened form of 일반인 코스프레 (cosplaying as civilian) fan acting like they are not, usually to avoid social stigma
홈마 – fansite owner – ‘homepage master’ a person who takes pictures of their fav group/members with a high-performance camera to share through their own site


Terms for the group/members

보컬 – vocalist
래퍼 – rapper
댄서 – dancer
메인xx – main position, 메인보컬: main vocal 메인래퍼: main rapper 메인댄서: main dancer – best at their position in the group, does the adlibs, high notes, dance breaks, etc.
리드xx – lead position, 리드보컬: lead vocal 리드래퍼: lead rapper 리드댄서: lead dancer – second best xx position
리더 – leader – the member that leads the team, often the oldest
막내 – maknae – member who is youngest
맏내 – fake maknae – one of the oldest members who acts like they’re the youngest one
덕후 몰이 – member that attracts the most new fans
비주얼 담당 – in charge of visuals – prettiest/most handsome member


this isn’t kpop but as added bonus..

짤방 – meme/reaction images – meaning is like an image to post online so your post isnt deleted (more info), so really it can be any image but mostly its funny reaction images, so have fun and search your fav group + 짤방 and see what comes up!

Also check out my post about using Kpop songs to learn some korean phrases or words, and 어덕행덕! Have a fun time being a fan~


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