A lot of fans dream is to use Kpop to learn Korean, and while obviously that’s not entirely possible it can certainly help. One of the first phrases I learned was “머리부터 발끝까지” or “from head to toe” because someone pointed out how common it was in songs and it stuck out!

So with that in mind I wanted to use many peoples introduction to Korean as a study asset! This is gonna be pretty easy mode so only lyrics that get repeated so its easier to pick up on and remember.

I’ll use a variety of songs; from different years, genres, and artists so everyone can find something they like and will become an earworm teaching you some Korean words/phrases.

I made up a playlist with all the videos I’ll feature in here and more. So you can go through and find some you like or listen to the playlist on repeat during any time you like and learn! I will try to add in more songs as I find/think of them as well.


HYUNA – 빨개요

빨간 red colour
원숭이 monkey
엉덩이 butt
빨개 is red
원숭이 엉덩이는 빨개 (the) monkey’s butt is red

Actually the 원숭이 엉덩이는 빨개 that she sings during the chorus comes from a Korean children’s nursery rhyme! The song lists off things with each line starting off with the last lines last word. With that there’s a lot of versions but this is from one I found on youtube, so potentially the most used/known version.

원숭이 엉덩이는 빨개 monkey’s butt is red
빨간건 사과 red apple
사과는맛있어 apple is delicious
맛있는건 바나나 delicious banana
바나나는 길어 banana is long
길면 기차 long train
기차는 빨라 train is fast

EXID – 위아래

아래 under/bottom/down

너의 your

다른 different
남자 man
말고 not A but B (A 말고 B)
다른 남자 말고 너 not another man but you

ZICO – 아무노래

아무 any
노래 song
일단 first
틀어 turn (it on)
아무 노래나 일단 틀어 just play any song

아무거나 anything
신나(다) exciting
short form of 것으로
아무거나 신나는 걸로
anything thats fun/exciting

BTS Kpop to Learn Korean!

Sourced from: blog.naver.com/btskook91

BTS – 피 땀 눈물

눈물 tears
내 피 땀 눈물 my blood sweat and tears

마지막 final
가져가(다) take it
내 마지막 춤을 my last dance
다 가져가 take it all

하루 day
종일 all day
생각 think
뿐이야 only you
하루 종일 니 생각 뿐이야 all day I just think about you

너무 too
아름다운 beautiful
보여줘 show me
다음 next

이름이 name
뭐예요? what
이름이 뭐예요? what’s you name?

전화 phone
번호 number
전화 번호 뭐예요? what’s your phone number?

jisoo Kpop to Learn Korean!

Sourced from: instiz.net/pt/7354776


향기 scent/aroma
꽃향기 flowers scent
남기고 left
가(다) go/leave
갔단다 past tense of 가다, so left/went
꽃향기만 남기고 갔단다 only a flowers scent was left

뻔한 obvious
particle, short for 것을, 것 normalizes a verb
자꾸 repeatedly
말해 speak/talk
to do
뻔한 걸 자꾸 말해 뭐 해 why do you keep asking the obvious?

우연히 coincidence
모두 all/together
정해진 defined/fixed
듯이 as if
우연히라기엔 모두 다 정해진 듯이 for this to all be a coincidence it was too predetermined

행복 happiness
하(다) to do
지마 don’t
절대로 never
행복 하지마 Don’t be happy

떠나(다) left
버리면서 threw away
나 떠나버리면서 You left me


Again here is the playlist with all the videos here and many more. Enjoy using kpop to learn Korean!


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