식 is a reoccurring piece in many Korean food words and that’s because it has Sino-Korean and hanja origins. 식 comes from 食 which means meal and food. It also comes in up in some words related to family or people because of Koreas strong cultural attachment of family and meals. So let’s get into some of the words that it comes up in!


Sino Korean; Korean Food & Meals

This week will be a shorter post since I’ve been sick and feeling off since about Tuesday. But I have some good ideas for upcoming posts later, including Chuseok, Korean Onomatopoeia, and more so please look forward to that~


식사: meal
음식: food
간식: snack
후식: dessert
시식: sample food
냉동식품: frozen food

식당: restaurant
음식점: restaurant
외식: to eat out, dine out

식품: groceries
식품점: grocery store
식용유: cooking oil
식초: vinegar

식탁: dining table
식기: dishes, tableware

곡식: cereals, grains
양식: farming, culture

과식: overeating
단식: fasting
식욕: appetite
식중독: food poisoning

채식: vegetable diet
잡식 동물: omnivore
초식 동물: herbivore

일식: Japanese food
중식: Chinese food
한식: Korean food
양식: Western food

식사하다: to eat a meal
식탁을 차리다: to set the table
음식을 서빙하다: to serve a meal
식구: immediate family members (literally: people you eat with)
약육강식: survival of the fittest (literally: the strong eat the weak)


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